Post-procedure care is one of the most important parts of the Sedative Stretching procedure and makes it truly effective. The therapy begins the same day. After the procedure, the patient is instructed to return home, eat and rest. Later that day, the patient can start with their prescribed home stretching exercises to help them enjoy and maintain their new flexibility.

Later that afternoon, the patient will see Dr. Johnson and staff at his office and undergo a combination of stretching and manipulation techniques to reinforce the patient’s new flexibility.

The post Sedative Stretching therapy typically consists of the same stretches accomplished during the Sedative Stretching procedure. Continued rehabilitation includes stretching, flexibility and strengthening exercises, plus periodic manipulative therapy treatments as required by the patient’s condition. A regimented program of post-procedural therapy will help the patient regain both pre-injury strength and help prevent future pain and disability.

Most patients require a single procedure, however the most serious and chronic cases may require repeated procedures to obtain the best results.

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