You may not have heard of regenerative medicine, a field that could potentially help 1 in 3 Americans according to the AABB center for cellular therapies. As a holistic treatment method, regenerative medicine works by triggering your body’s natural healing mechanisms instead of just covering up your symptoms with medication. 

At Johnson Medical Center, Dr. Jeffrey Johnson and his staff are here to bring you safe and effective treatments for your chronic pain. That’s why we’ve compiled this helpful guide to how regenerative medicine is a revolutionary new treatment for pain management. 

How regenerative medicine manages your pain 

Regenerative medicine is an umbrella term for a group of different therapies that prompt your body to heal itself. At Johnson Medical Center we offer two different type of regenerative medicine treatments:

Platelet-rich plasma therapy

With platelet-rich plasma treatments, we take a vial of your blood and run it through a centrifuge. This helps us to extract a concentrate of platelets from your blood that we then inject into an area where you are experiencing chronic pain.

The treatment harnesses the healing power of platelets, which help your blood to clot and help to trigger your body’s natural healing and growth mechanisms. This in turn helps to heal any damaged tissues that are causing you pain.  

Mesenchymal stem cell therapy    

Mesenchymal stem cell therapy works by taking cells from your bone marrow and growing them in a lab. With careful manipulation, we can make these cells grow into bone, cartilage, or muscle cells, which we then implant into damaged areas that are causing you pain. 

The stem cells help by both rebuilding and strengthening damaged tissue and by reducing inflammation, a common source of pain and discomfort. 

The benefits of regenerative medicine

Both of these therapies are performed in an outpatient setting and don’t require any hospitalization, major incisions, or long recovery times. You also don’t need to take any medications, which can have harsh side effects, cause long-term damage to your body, and can prove fatal or even highly addictive.

Regenerative medicine is a great pain management option for those who are looking for natural and holistic methods for treating pain effectively. As a holistic practice, regenerative medicine works by treating and repairing the source of your pain instead of just covering up your symptoms. 

To learn more about how regenerative medicine can help you manage your chronic pain, call us or make an appointment right on our website today.

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