On the day of the Sedative Stretching procedure, the patient is asked to wear loose and comfortable clothing. They must be accompanied by a friend or family member to drive them home after the procedure.

When the patient and doctors are ready, a sedative is administered to allow the patient to achieve the comfortable “twilight” sleep that makes the treatment possible.

Sedative Stretching begins with specialized techniques that first methodically move and stretch the affected joints through the ranges of motion that are restricted due to fibrotic adhesions and contracted muscle tissue. Targeted massage, stretching, and traction techniques are also utilized to maximize the results of the procedure. The entire procedure takes approximately 10 to 25 minutes to perform and the patient is wakened at that time.

After the procedure is completed, the patient is then taken to recovery, where he or she is carefully monitored. Recovery time is generally 15-30 minutes. After recovery, the patient receives fluids and a light snack. The patient is then able to walk and be taken home by a family member or friend. Most patients feel immediate results following the procedure.

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