Neck pain is common among people who spend long hours sitting down at a desk. It is caused when muscles become tight and stiff due to prolonged periods of time spent hunched over a keyboard. This type of posture puts stress on the spine and may lead to muscle spasms.  Neck pain is also often caused by muscle strain, arthritis, or even a slipped disc. It may feel like a dull ache or sharp pain. Sometimes, people experience neck pain when sleeping because the muscles relax, and the spine becomes unstable.  Neck pain can also be caused when your discs slip out of place and press against the spinal cord or nerves. This causes inflammation and irritation which leads to pain.

Johnson Medical Center is dedicated to providing the highest level of care for patients suffering from neck pain allowing them to enjoy a much higher quality of life. Our goal is to restore the use of the neck’s spinal joints and muscles while alleviating any troublesome symptoms. We use a wide range of regenerative and rehabilitative practices for neck pain conditions. These processes promote natural recovery compared to traditional or surgical interventions. While each technique is distinct, they take advantage of the body’s own mechanisms of rehabilitation. Typically, patients with neck pain problems can avoid surgery and still experience a much higher quality of life.

Learn more about the treatment options available at Johnson Medical Center-and how we can alleviate your neck pain with a courtesy consultation today.

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